[job] [Police] Military

Role name: Military

Purpose: Keep the city safe from terrorists

Required Buildings: Military HQ (inside the city) (small outpost)

Loadout: 1x M4A1 Assault Rifle,
1x Police Batton
1x Stamina Pack (increased the sprint speed by 35% for 30) (only 1 Pack per 2

Mechanics: If possible, my idea is:

At random times, either an demonstration (peacefull or hostile) or an terrorist attack (20% it is an real attack, 80% is just an false alarm).

Terrorist Attack: The terrorist will appear at a different area on the map, but it is not shown where exactly he is located. 10% of the time the terrorist can move. the Player will be sent to the area where the terorist is. Then he has to find him in for example 2 minutes or the bomb explodes. if that happens he will loose 500 Karma.

Demonstration: The player first will be sent to the location of the Demonstration. He will be sent to look if it is an peacefull or hostile Demonstration. If it is an hostile Demonstration, the player will be sent back to the Military HQ to get an Water Thrower vehicle. Then he is tasked to drive back to the Demonstration to shoot water at the Demonstrators. If this does not help the Player gets the task to punch people with his Batton. There is an 40% chance that the Demonstrators will attack the player. Then he will get the task called “Defend yourself”. This means he must gun attackers down.

I do not know if this is hard to develop, but I personally think it would be an great addition.

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Thank you for your thought out post. We will see how or if it fits to the game. We will be in touch via this post.